PREMIER REGISTERED TEXAS LONGHORNS World class breeding stock & trained Riding Steers for sale in Oklahoma Premier Longhorn Cattle
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Longhorn Tips: Care & Training 

Stillwater, Oklahoma    405-372-3862
2014  calves coming sired by 

Baby Show Case
The Premier Baby Showcase
Registered Texas Longhorns
Premier Longhorns Specializing In Elite Seed Stock & Trained Performance Riding Stock

Welcome to Premier Longhorns
Premier Longhorns LLC
OUR GOAL is to breed and raise  such 
Extraordinary Texas Longhorns. Utilizing A.I., our    
Premier Bull Lineup is composed of Legendary Herd Sires    
influenced by their World-Class Dams bred to Premier Cows 
themselves a result of this time-tested Formula For Success.
So, if you are looking for a Special Individual to enhance or start your herd, or are a connoisseur of Fine Art ~Western Living Art, that is...or perhaps, like us, you enjoy the simple pleasure of looking at and petting these Majestic and Historic Cattle... WELCOME!  

      WE BELIEVE that when Passion and Focus 
are united with an unusual attention to detail & an uncompromising commitment to excellence
Specializing in Elite Seedstock & Trained Saddle Cattle
~ Featuring Pasture Pets~
2012  calves  sired by 
...Extraordinary Things Can Happen.
~ Premier Royal Astra ~
DOB: Sept. 25, 2012


Check out latest selection of
Premier Preference
                                         TEJAS STAR Horn Showcase Champion 
                                                                            DELTA VAN HORNE HSC Champion
dam: PREMIER ASTORIA currently 84+" TTT projecting to 87+"TTT
                                                                            REBEL RED  HSC CHAMPION 
                                                                            REATA ROYALE (out of TLBAA World Champion Mature Female Senator's Cowgirl
                                                                               THE ACE
                                          TEMPTATIONS THE ACE 80 1/8" TTT
                                                                              LAMB'S TEMPTATION
sire:     TEMPTER  85 1/4" TTT
                                          FIELD OF PEARLS World Champion
                                                                              PEARL 434/7
This royal heifer aka "Lady" is a double bred J.R. Grand Slam, 
utilizing the brilliance of his best 2 siring sons: 
JP Rio Grande & Maximus ST. She has a wonderful saddle trained dam, Premier Preference. We expect this brindled 
beauty to have huge horns & she is now in training to ride!
She is a 7/8 sister to saddle trained steer Premier SSR Waldorf 
by Maximus ST.

~ Premier Grand Preference ~
Another very special heifer!  Premier Royal Astra is 
a royally bred full sister to Premier Astoria now 84+" TTT
& projecting to 87+" TTT! Astra has many greats in her pedigree including Delta Van Horne & Starlight. Her dam Somethingroyal is a 1/2 sister to saddle-trained celebrity Premier Testarossa. Somethingroyal has also produced 3 saddle-trained cows: Premier Preference, Premier Exxonna & Premier Astoria.
Astra will be a great asset to anyone's breeding program.
Millennium Futurity Eligible

FOR SALE$4,500.
                                                                       Headliner (out of Texana Possum Spot-World Ch.) 
                                                                       Starlight (Multiple HSC CH. 84 1/4" TTT) 
sire:  TEJAS STAR HSC CH. 75 3/4" TTT (70 1/4" TTT plus 5 1/2" broken off)
                                                                       Dixie Top deck
                                  Delta Van Horne 2x HSC Ch. 76 13/16" TTT (plus broken tips)
                                                                       Delta Vixen 75.38" TTT (out of Delta Sissie  72" TTT)

                                                                       Tabasco out of Delta Diamond 70" TTT      
                                  Rebel Red 2x HSC Ch. 71 1/2" TTT                                            
                                                                       Hot Bail by Bailout                 
dam:  SOMETHINGROYAL              
                                                                       Shockwave 70+" TTT                       
                                  Reata Royale               
                                                                       Senator's Cowgirl (TLBAA Conformation World Ch/HOF Ch. by Senator)  
DOB: Oct. 18, 2012  ocv'd
                               FOR SALE
         By Tejas Star-Somethingroyal
                         Full Sister To
          Premier Astoria 84 3/8" TTT
Premier Exxonna
ITLA World Champion Produce Of Dam
ITLA World Champion Produce Of Dam
Premier Astoria
                                       J.R. GRAND SLAM 
                                                                              J.R. SEQUENTIAL
sire:     MAXIMUS ST  76 1/8" TTT  2 time TLMA World Champion (TTT & Composite)
                                                                             PRAIRIE KID 94
                                       MAXI CONFETTI
                                                                             MISS MAXI KICK
                                                                             J.R. GRAND SLAM
                                         JP RIO GRANDE World Champion 80" TTT
                                                                            TXW LUCKY LADY Multiple HSC Ch. 77 1/8" TTT
dam: PREMIER PREFERENCE (projecting into the 70's TTT)
                                                                            REBEL RED  72" TTT 2X HSC CHAMPION 
                                                                            REATA ROYALE (out of TLBAA World Champion Mature Female Senator's Cowgirl
DOB: May 11, 2014  
~ Premier Astoria Te ~
"Tori Te" is the spear point and future of our elite breeding program.  She has a truly great dam and a great sire. Multiple over 80" TTT individuals in her pedigree including Premier Astoria 84 1/4" TTT, Starlight 84 1/2" TTT, Tempter 85 1/4 TTT  & Temptations The Ace 80 1/8" TTT with many more near 80" incl the great Delta Van Horne, plus numerous conformation world champions. She is one to watch!

For Sale!