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                                                  Headliner (out of Texana Possum Spot-World Champion
                                                  Starlight (Multiple HSC CH.  84 1/4" TTT) 
sire: TEJAS STAR HSC CH. 75 3/4" TTT (70 1/4" TTT plus 5 1/2" broken off)
                                                  Dixie Top deck
                            Delta Van Horne 2x HSC Ch. 76 13/16" TTT
                                                  Delta Vixen  75.38 "TTT  (out of Delta Sissie  72"TTT)
                                                  Tabasco  out of Delta Diamond 70" TTT
                             Rebel Red 2x HSC Ch. 71 1/2" TTT         
                                                  Hot Bail by Bailout
 dam:  SOMETHINGROYAL  ITLA World Champion Produce Of Dam 
                                                  Shockwave 70+" TTT
                             Reata Royale                                                                 
                                                   Senator's Cowgirl TLBAA World Champion Mature Female

dob:  4/29/2008 ~ ocv'd




Breeding Excellence
 2016 Fancy New Arrivals on display at the PREMIER BABY SHOWCASE on our Home Page


Named after the dam of Triple Crown Champion Secretariat, Somethingroyal is extremely gentle w/ the most beautiful disposition.  She is a lady in every way. Very feminine, big, correct with excellent conformation. Her grandmother is World Champion Senator's Cowgirl by Senator. Her sire Rebel Red is a 2000 pound 2-time TLBAA Horn Showcase Champion.   Somethingroyal has  double twist with  last measurement at 68 1/2+ " TTT.  All her calves 
are large framed, extremely gentle & with superior structural correctness.

Note: Somethingroyal is a maternal half sister to: 

           Premier Rad N Radiant                         Celebrity Longhorn  Premier Testarossa aka TR
                                             Dixie Hunter
                                             Delta Diamond 70" TTT
sire:  REBEL RED 2X Horn Show Case Champion, 71 1/2" TTT
                        Hot Bail  
                                             Hot Fandango
                                            Sonic Boom 827 by Jet Jockey TLBAA World Champion
                        Shockwave   70+" TTT
                                             Super Brownie  67" TTT
dam:  REATA ROYALE                                          
                        Senator's Cowgirl TLBAA World Champion  Mature Female
                                             Tip Toe's Colorado Cowgirl
dob: 4/24/2004~ ocv'd
This Super Sweet SaddleCow/BroodCow is a proven producer of Riding Stock
In her pedigree: EIGHT TOTAL Individuals that are 70" TTT or longer 
                           Two different conformation World Champions 
                         Plus,  She's consistently projecting over 88" TTT




DOB: June 19, 2010 ~ ocv'd
In her pedigree: ELEVEN 70" TTT or longer/ SEVEN over 75" TTT /THREE in the 80's TTT       
                                       But, who's her Mama?...   PREMIER ASTORIA 86 +" TTT 
                                               Headliner FF248 (out of Texana Possum Spot (W. Ch.)
                              OVERHEAD World Champion, 76 5/8" TTT
                                               Overlyn 71" TTT
   sire:   OVER KILL 80 " TTT
                               FIELD OF PEARLS 4x World Champion, 70" TTT -dam of Tempter 84+" TTT
                                               Pearl by Senator
                                               Tabasco  out of Delta Diamond 70" TTT
                              REBEL RED 2x Horn Showcase Champion 71 1/2" TTT    
                                                Hot Bail by Bailout
   dam:  SOMETHINGROYAL   ITLA World Champion Produce Of Dam 
                                                Shockwave 70+" TTT
                              REATA ROYALE
                                                Senator's Cowgirl (World Champion Mature Female) by Senator
In her pedigree: Seven different Individuals 70" TTT or longer 
         & FOUR different conformation World Champions
dob: June 25, 2010 ~ ocv'd
                               J.R. GRAND SLAM 
sire:  JP RIO GRANDE  World Champion, 2x HSC Ch.  80"TTT 
                                                                Lamb's Powerplay 
                                   TXW LUCKY LADY Multi HSC Ch. 77 1/8" TTT
                                                                TX Rose Bud
                                                             Starliner (out of  Starlight  ~Multi HSC Ch. 84 1/4" TTT)
                                   TEJAS STAR 2X HSC Champion~adjusted 75 3/4"TTT (70 1/4" & broken 5 1/2")
                                                                                        Dixie Top Deck                                                       
                                                             Delta Van Horne Multi HSC Ch. 76 13/16" TTT
                                                                                             Delta Vixen 75.38" TTT  (out of Delta Sissie  72" TTT)  
dam: PREMIER ASTORIA currently 86 1/2" TTT
                                                               Rebel Red  2X HSC Ch. 71 1/2" TTT (Delta Diamond 70" TTT)
                                 SOMETHINGROYAL ITLA World Champion Produce Of Dam winner
                                                                 Reata Royale by Shockwave 70" TTT
 Measured currently at 86 5/8" TTT, Astoria is  The Longest Horned Known Saddle Cow in history!
The Total Package: Big, True Black & Twisty Horn with virtually flawless conformation. Exxonna is a Saddle Cow
  trained in diversified disciplines  & to drive in harness.  Riding Longhorns page to view her riding videos.
This large-framed, gentle cow currently measures 78" TTT, projecting into the 80's TTT.
                                 Plans are to breed her to Colorado Texa for her next calf.
                     Dalgood Horn Projection Results for Premier Astoria 
 Birth                  Measurement              Horn (in.)      Sex        Age (yrs)     Predict (in.)
04/29/2008    06/19/2015               86.125         Cow        7.14               88.28 
04/29/2008     11/29/2016               86.625        Cow        8.59              88.38
WINNER of  The 2013  ITLA World Championship Show PRODUCE OF DAM
To View Astoria's Riding Video, click:    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGzxrP2s9ew
Premier Jetex
2014 steer calf sired by Juma
2016 Bull calf "Premier Great Plains" 
            sired by Archer Texa 
(WS Jamakizm~Texana Van Horne)

Click to see Preference's Riding Under Saddle video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gs86jqyAXis
                                                                      Horn Measurement 73" TTT  
                                 J.R. Grandslam     
                                                            J.R. Sequential
sire:   JP RIO GRANDE World Champion, 3X TLMA Ultimate Bull 80" TTT                                                                             Lamb's Power Play
                                 TX W Lucky Lady 2x HSC Ch. 77 1/8" TTT
                                                             TX W Rose Bud 
                                                             Tabasco  out of Delta Diamond 70" TTT
                                  Rebel Red 2x HSC Ch. 71 1/2" TTT                                                                                                                       Hot Bail by Bailout
                                                             Shockwave 70+" TTT
                                   Reata Royale     
                                                             Senator's Cowgirl W.Ch.  by Senator
dob: 4/23/2007 ~ ocv'd
All Around Performance SaddleCow/BroodCow
DOB: May 11, 2014 ocv'd
​DOB: Sept. 25, 2012  ocv'd
So smart & gentle,  "Lady" is saddle trained. She is also a doublebred J.R. Grand Slam, utilizing the brilliance of his best 2 siring sons: JP Rio Grande & Maximus ST. She has a wonderful saddle trained dam, Premier Preference. We expect this brindled beauty to have huge horns. She is a 7/8 sister to saddle trained steer Premier SSR Premier Waldorf by Maximus ST & to  Premier Alinghi.
                                                           J.R. Grand Slam
                                   JP RIO GRANDE World Champion, 3X TLMA Ultimate Bull 80" TTT 
                                                           TXW LUCKY LADY Multi HSC Ch. 77 1/8" TTT 
   dam: PREMIER PREFERENCE   73" TTT SaddleCow   
                                                           Rebel Red  71 1/2" TTT HSC CH by Tabasco (Delta Diamond 70" TTT)
                                   SOMETHINGROYAL  ITLA World Champion Produce Of Dam 
                                                          Reata Royale by Shockwave  70" TTT     
                                 J.R. GRANDSLAM    
                                                      J.R. Sequential
sire:   MAXIMUS ST  World Champion 78 1/2" TTT
                                                        Prairie Kid 
                                 MAXI CONFETTI
                                                       Miss Maxi Kick
                                                          The Ace
                                  TEMPTATIONS THE ACE  80+" TTT
                                                                Lamb's Temptation
sire:   TEMPTER    86+"TTT 
                                   FIELD OF PEARLS  Multiple world Champion

                                                                Starliner (out of  Starlight  ~Multi HSC Ch. 84 1/4" TTT)
                                   TEJAS STAR 2X HSC Champion~adjusted 75 3/4"TTT (70 1/4" & broken 5 1/2")
                                                                                        Dixie Top Deck                                                       
                                                                Delta Van Horne Multi HSC Ch. 76 13/16" TTT
                                                                                             Delta Vixen 75.38" TTT  (out of Delta Sissie  72" TTT)
                                                               Rebel Red  2X HSC Ch. 71 1/2" TTT (Delta Diamond 70" TTT)
                                  SOMETHINGROYAL ITLA World Champion Produce Of Dam winner
                                                               Reata Royale by Shockwave 70" TTT
"Tori Te" is bred to Futurity Champion Reckon So (Cowboy Tuff Chex~Dragon Pearl by Drag Iron) 
for her 1st calf
                                                                  Preference is The Dam of: 

Premier Big Business  83" TTT      Premier Alinghi   Mid 70s TTT            Premier Grand Preference
     Owned by Tina Whitfield                   Owned by Justin & Adrienne Henry             Owned by Premier Longhorns
      Throckmorton, Texas                                   Martinsburg, West Virginia                        View her Profile Above      
Premier Astoria Grande  78 " TTT                            Premier Astoria Te             
   Owned by Premier Longhorns                     Owned by Premier Longhorns
        View Her Profile Above                                     View Her Profile Above
 Exxonna is The Dam of: 
    Premier Astoria  86+" TTT
Owned by Premier Longhorns
           Premier Preference                               Premier Royal Astra                               Premier Royal Te
Owned by Premier Longhorns         Owned by Sky Ranch Longhorns     Owned by Grove Cattle Company
        See Her Profile Above                Barnsville, Ohio & Cleveland,Texas          Bailey, North Carolina
Note: Full sister to Ron Mullinax's RafterMCattleCompany's Premier Night Sky
              Astoria Grande is The Dam of: 

Show heifer 
Premier Astoria Grandizm
Sold to Grove Cattle Company         
Bailey, North Carolina              
          Premier Exxonna                      
Owned by Premier Longhorns
Premier  Royalizm                          
     Premier Night Sky 
 Sold To Ron Mullinax
        Rosebud, Texas
  2016 Heifer Calf at Side
Premier Royal Van Horne
SomethingRoyal Is The Dam Of:
Premier Pipeline
2016 bull calf sired by Tejas Star
Astoria is The Dam of: 
Steer Calf Premier Tumbleweed 
at side sired by Jet Black Chex

    Premier Gallorette
Mari & Mickie Quillman
   Ribera, New Mexico