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TR in harness training.
TR driving on the road.
TR driving down the road.
A saddle broke bull is extremely rare. Joining the team & under the supervision of Clay Bailey, this exceptional son of Wyoming Warpaint & future Herd Sire is winning the hearts of many new admirers to the Longhorn breed by his regal presence & tractable, gentle nature. Meanwhile, along with ponying young steers off him, TR is continuing in harness training to pull a buggy. Aren't many like him ...actually, HE'S ONE OF A KIND!!

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2010:Weekend of August 7th in Albuquerque for The Antique Gun Show. On August 28th, TR will be in Clayton for a benefit at their museum.  Tentatively plans include he will also be appearing in Hobbs, NM the first of September & then back at The Royal Gorge in CO on Labor Day Weekend 
TR is currently with the girls turned out on 1800 acres of rangeland.  What a busy bull! 

PREMIER TESTAROSSA, affectionately known as "TR" is an exceptional individual. The product of centuries of rugged Texas Longhorn individualism, TR possesses world class  breeding, conformation & color. He also has a great mind required for a performance riding bull. He is the modern "Total Package" Texas Longhorn.  Here is the making of a Legend.
Stacked World Champion Genetics
TR's Premier Pedigree: sired by the great WYOMING WARPAINT (Triple Crown Champion, 2009 TLBAA World Champion, Multiple Horn Show Case Champion & sire of Multiple HSC Champion: JBR Cash 70 3/8") & out of our Shockwave (70 1/2" TTT) daughter,Reata Royale. Wyoming Warpaint's sire is Horn Showcase Champion ROUNDUP"TR"s paternal 2nd dam is Torch (2nd dam of Sledgehammer 82" TTT). "TR"s maternal 2nd dam is World Champion, Hall Of Fame Champion  Senator's Cowgirl by SENATOR. Reata is a half sister to AI sire, Cowboy Man. Excellent horn, color, conformation & disposition, "TR" is affectionate & smart. Full brother to Premier Color Me Cool  
(2008 Millennium Futurity 2nd of 9 to Buzzsaw 2007 TLBAA Horn Show Case 3rd place twice) and maternal half brother to Premier-Rad-N-Radiant 
projecting into the 70's tip to tip & outstanding producer, Somethingroyal.  
PREMIER TESTAROSSA Team member of the famous    company of The RGPS Performing Texas Longhorns

Today's Thoroughly Modern Performance Riding Texas Longhorn 

Specializing In Elite Seed Stock & Trained Riding Steers
From a Proven Sire & Female Line

TR was a huge success at the Royal Gorge Park in Canon City, CO this weekend May 29-31, 2010 He even was ridden over the bridge-the highest suspension bridge in the world! Easily a thousand photos of him were snapped and surrounded by crowds with people hanging all over him, he was a perfect gentleman! ...and that with a helicopter hovering overhead. Plus, in the Old West town, shootout reenactments were in progress and the gunshots in close proximity didn't rattle him at all.  This very public bull absolutely loves all the petting and scratching and attention he receives.           
July 3-5,2010 TR is On Parade up at the Royal Gorge Park in Canon City, CO:
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dob:  5/18/2008 weight: 1800+ pounds

JUNE 5, 2010 Clay is working TR at the Canon City Western Heritage Days this weekend. Last weekend at the Royal Gorge in CO was his first official event.  He was terrific.  Today he was even better.  Gunfights going on all day, a large Civil War era cannon being shot every hour on the hour (TR was often within 50 feet) and people everywhere all around him.  He crossed a small ditch with running water and took the lead when one of the older steers refused to go.  TR did nearly everything Clay asked of him. He is exceeding our expectations and just keeps getting better and better. With more experience and confidence he will do some amazing things!       
June 25-27,2010 Amid lots of gunfire and frilly skirts, TR steals the show again. 
This time at the  The Single Action Shooters Assn Gun Show in Edgewood, NM:

Clay Bailey & Premier Longhorns LLC
Owned In Partnership

 Here TR is walking across The Royal Gorge Bridge, the highest suspension bridge in the world-and not a little scary! -with wooden floor boards, banners fluttering along its length & a relatively   low rail! Beauty, trust and courage are certainly the hallmark of this great Texas Longhorn Bull!

Clay relates, "Here are a few pictures from the Fourth of July (Saturday) western reenactment weekend at The Gorge.  This was for the "21 gun salute", which meant TR and (steer) Blizzard were posting the colors next to seven shooters.  TR just barely flinched but held his position during all the shots.  He was standing within 10 feet to the closest shooter.  After posting the colors, both posed for pictures with the crowd.  It would be safe to guess several hundred pictures were taken of them with people standing by their side while leaning on them and touching their horns".  Clay goes on and says, "TR is getting better and better every day!" 

 Doubleclick to zoom & view TR's  Latest YouTube Videos
Now three years old & a herdsire and with his first calf crop now arriving! Yet, with his wonderful disposition,                        TR entertained children & adults at The Royal Gorge Memorial Day weekend:
                         Click the following Photos to view TR & The RGPS Peforming Longhorns 
on June 24, 25 and 26 at SASS in Edgewood, NM     http://www.sassnet.com/EoT/entertainment.php
TR performance-bred calves
                           Out of proven producing Riding Steer Mamas 
Owned by Betsy & Leroy Dunsworth of Pine Ridge Longhorns, Peyton, CO
TR ~when he was a coming two year old
      70+"TTT/104 1/2+" Total Horn
       by SHOCKWAVE 70 1/2"TTT
      TR Calves are now arriving 
ALL Are Millennium Futurity Eligible
TR going places in a hurry!
TR learning how to wait.
TR in his working clothes.
A little Texas Longhorn with a big future
TR's first outing
Ponying a young steer calf off TR
 Sept. 2010 Labor Day weekend
Riding in the pasture out with his cows on a cold winter day 
Now Owned by Maxanne Otto & Ronnie Blanton of MR O Longhorns of  Grandbury, Texas