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Because we always handle all our calves with loving-kindness, they are trusting and gentle. We teach our performance calves basic DRESSAGE THEORY for expressed lightness and responsiveness-just as you would bring along a promising futurity colt. Thus, building a solid foundation for the future. Plus, we "Feed To Win" that means working with nutritionists to help our calves be their very best as Individuals setting the basis for a lifetime of good health. No cutting corners here! Superior bloodlines, care & training: These calves could not have a better start in life.  Within them is developed the capacity to go on & make great companion animals and cherished pets who can provide years of loving affection to their new owners.

Our equine background is diverse: successfully breeding, training & showing Quarter Horses in AQHA in Halter & Performance for 25+ years; Foxhunting as  members of Spring Valley Hounds Hunt Club of Northern New Jersey; Artificial Insemination & Training experience working with Standardbred Race Horses: We bring a refreshing new aspect to the Texas Longhorn Industry.
    After lots of very early handling including imprinting at birth, we start  
   our bull calves in training even prior to weaning actually when days old. 
       This is important, because there is a window of opportunity during calfhood when their their child-like minds can be molded. Some may even 
   go on to be Herd Sires, others Riding Steers. Brought along in kind and 
           capable hands, all possess the unmistakable Mark of Quality.     
 In Our Texas Longhorn Breeding Program, We Emphasize:  
                      So, if  You are 8 to 80,  Love the Romance of the Old West 
                &  Desire a Satisfying Relationship with a Unique Large Animal...     
 "Stirrup" Some Fun! Get  A Texas Longhorn Trained Steer For Your Very Own!



Teach him Dressage and go dancing together.
Take him to a cutting and show those Cutting Horses the real meaning 
of "Cow Savvy".  
Take him to an open Horse Show, enter a western pleasure class & know
the real pleasure of owning a Texas Longhorn Riding Steer.
Because he's so handsome and talented, teach him tricks and you'll be
taking the bow! 
Hug and pet him daily, tell him how beautiful he is and melt away all 
your stress! 

       Black Ink was a 9 month old bull at the time. He stood quietly to be 
  haltered, led, tied, drove in longlines, and backed up 10 ft readily. Calves 
     we start under saddle are well prepared to give some happy someone a lifetime of pleasure and loving companionship. Black Ink is now owned & loved by Michelle and Jason Frannino of Folsom, Louisiana and is an attraction at                         their petting zoo and children's summer camp, Zoo2U. 
Disposition is a highly inheritable trait. We breed for great minds. Everyone in our herd either rides or has the aptitude to learn to ride and will produce riding stock. This is because ALL our Premier Longhorn Mama Cows have excellent dispositions which they pass on to their calves. These Texas Longhorns are also naturally smart and fast learners. The following pictures of  Black Ink and his dam, Oil Strike demonstrate that wonderful inherent trainability. 

  Question: How Important is a Steer's Breeding?
                                            Here at Premier Longhorns
We do things a lot differently than most every other breeder
~Premier Longhorns~
We treat our Texas Longhorns with the same understanding you would give a horse. Yes, it's unconventional. But, you will find Texas Longhorns raised by us from a calf make very    trustworthy mounts. They are not flighty and love human contact. They are educated to have excellent manners, self confidence & courage to take their place in society as lead steers & well behaved companion animals. When faced with new challenges, they don't re-act, they respond! For anyone who has worked with horses, they will be pleasantly surprised to see how calm, easy going and affectionate Longhorns really can be. Plus, they are very smart. Calves that are handled as individuals & with kindness, are very responsive & form deep emotional attachments toward the people who care for them. This sets the stage for you & your steer to have a satisfying relationship with one another based on a mutual trust and set to last a lifetime.
Michelle & Jason Frannino  
       Folsom, Louisiana

Mr. Dub Enlow,  Sapulpa, Oklahoma
  Looking For A Pasture Pet that 
You Won't Find Anywhere Else? 
  ~Macro Chief~

    Owned & Loved by
            Scarlett Jones  
 Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Mr. Lonny Witmore,  Helena, Montana
 SOLD    to  Mr Emiliano Achaval, Maui, Hawaii
 Premier City Slicker Premier Dusty Trails 
~Mufasa 801~ 
~Black Ink~
 Scott Carlsen, Thornton, Colorado
Parade Steer w/ 94" Tip to Tip Hornspread
Premier Longhorns Goes Hawaiian!

 Stillwater, Oklahoma        (405) 372-3862      premierlonghorns@aol.com

                  The ONLY Texas Longhorn Riding Steer in the State of Hawaii
           Tamie Eastman 
Rosemary,  Alberta, Canada
Go Trail Riding with friends and give their horses Horn Envy.   
Enter parades and be the center of attention.
Teach him to pull a buggie and go for a lovely Sunday drive.
Instead of horseback, work your cattle herd more efficiently & quietly
steerback. We're all friends here! 
Load your Riding Steer in the trailer in front of horse people and watch
them grimace.


J.R. Phenoman-Oil Strike

              Kelly Potter 
Snowmass Village, Colorado
   Nancy & Charlie Fochs  
    of  Nanchas Elk Ranch
Lyndon Station, Wisconsin 
We love our Texas Longhorns ...And you will, too!


~Premier All That Jazz~
 With Your Texas Longhorn Riding Steer !
Premier Longhorns..."Born To Be Mild!"
      Mike Todd ~ County Line Farm 
& Pony Rides,  Garden Prairie, Illinois


"Kid-Tested & Grandmother-Approved" 
* Disposition
* Intelligence    
* Conformation   
* Horns -of course             
            (...Beauty Comes Naturally!)
~Premier Exxonna~
           Daughter of Overkill ~ Somethingroyal
Full sister to Brazos Rose Ranch's  Premier Night Sky 

 93+"  TTT daughter of Tejas Star & Somethingroyal
Multi-Tasking Mom with her older daughter looking on!
Mother's work is never done.
Git along little dogie
"Mom! Wait for me, I'm coming, too!"
Astoria & Tori Te
Premier Astoria: Now, at over 90" tip to tip, She is the longest horned Saddle Cow in history!!

Thank You,  Jamie!

Premier Riding Longhorns
 Cross T Ranch
Bandera, Texas   
                     Look for Spot & LoneStar 
 attending The CALGARY STAMPEDE each year!
 Ultimate Good Mama, Working Woman & Multi-Tasking Mom
Jazzy earning a paycheck at a photo shoot.
Jazzy has come a long way from Oklahoma to California!
Jazzy The Happy California Reinsteer doing a photo op
Jazzy & Kimberly having fun at the lake :-)
Owned & Loved by Kimberly Henson 
           of  Newcastle, California
 ~ Follow "TR" & his career!    ...Click
           Pink Spur Ranch  
  Murfreesboro, Tennessee
~Premier Gunslinger~
Thank you Scarlett!
aka "Casino"


~Premier Brio Grande~
JP Rio Grand ~ Premier Gallorette by Gunsmoke.
     Clay w/Abrams 
  & Folsom Falls Gus 

       ~TATOR TOT~

             Lynn Thee 
 Grant Creek Guest Ranch 
       Missoula, Montana

               Hal Earnhardt  
                   new mascot for 
Earnhardt Auto Centers Of Arizona  
 Owned by Lisa Keever  of  Grapeland, Texas
View Jazzy's 1st Team Penning Lesson on Youtube!
Click Training Videos & Photo Gallery To View Exxonna's Progress & Versatility!
April 18, 2011 Exxonna has mastered getting on a "pedestal"
Exxonna has learned the basic bow.
Premier Exxonna multitasking as yearling, has learned to drive.
Learning the "ropes" under the watchful eye of big sister Premier Preference
Schooling Exxonna at the Lazy J Arena
Exxonna jumping cross rails
Exxonna learning how to track the Hot Heels mechanical roping steer
True black & very special, Exxonna is being brought along in training specifically to demonstrate All Around Longhorn Performance Versatility in trick training, harness driving, western pleasure, english pleasure, trail class & even a cow event such as sorting.

The Longhorn Golf Caddy
Ridden by Renn Bailey
             aka "Lady"

~Premier Crayon Kid RHR~
All grown up, this beautiful talented steer is a grandson of the great JP Rio Grande. Well Started in Foundation Saddle Training by Premier Longhorns. Perfectly Finished by Clay Bailey! 
This brindled daughter of Maximus ST & Premier Preference by 
JP Rio Grande is started under saddle, progressing beautifully & projecting to be in the 80's Tip To Tip
 Owned & Loved by
      Heather Beck
        Sandy, Utah
Jet Black Chex~Premier Grand Preference
Owned by Enchanted Springs Ranch 
                       of  Boerne, TX
 JP Rio Grande-Somethingroyal
Sired by Reckon So & out of Premier Exxonna, "Titan" is 4 years old. He is owned & loved by Ashton & her mom, Gwen Shoemaker Neimann
Owned by Shane Jorgenson of Cameron, Wisconsin
Mr. & Mrs Bill Perryman 
        Andrews, Texas