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Trained Texas Longhorns make awesome pets & Saddle Steers. They are impressive, fun to ride and excel at attention getting: as a mascot, western or rodeo act, a business promotional "Spokes-Steer, Dude Ranch draw or as a unique, one-of-a-kind treasured companion animal. 

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Note: All our trained Texas Longhorns are consistently priced commensurate with their horn, 
color, age, pedigree, aptitude, training level, expertise and resume'. Some steers are specifically 
trained as "Lead Steers" meaning they are broke to ride just like a horse & work independently of the herd mentality. Some of these are also versatility trained to drive in harness. This represents the highest level of training. Some steers due to their high public profile attain the status of "Celebrity Steer".  All prices and availability are subject to change.
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Thank you  Clifton Wells
          Wheaton, Missouri
The Following are some of the trained steers recently sold


Thank you to Maxanne Otto and Ronnie Blanton 
of  MR O Longhorns, Granbury, Texas
Celebrity Steers are those who have high-profile, public careers with extensive accomplishments. 
They are very experienced in crowds and have proven to be extremely gentle and kind. 

The following two Celebrity Steers have been hauled all over the western United States performing in events of all kinds including shows, parades, rodeos, etc. Both are TLBAA registered, their stage names are Shot Gun & Show Gun. Both steers have been owned by the same family since they were 2 year olds. They are very gentle steers, easy to handle & countless other people have ridden them. 
They will make a fabulous addition to your next main event or some happy someone's backyard!

From Team Mascot to Tourist Attraction
Thank You  Stock Yards Station of  Fort Worth, Texas 

Shot Gun dob 2/06/2006. He has mainly been ridden by a lady. She has ridden him for most of his public appearances and many parades. You can shoot firearms off of Shot Gun, rope off of him, pop bullwhips off him. He has not pulled a buggy, but would likely easily do so. He has performed many times carrying waving banners as the center of attention at opening ceremonies at national rodeo events and stood for many pictures with lots of people. Children feed him treats and pet him. Like Show Gun, Shot Gun will also jump through the Ring Of Fire and is great in crowds.   
Show Gun dob 5-27-2005. Everything has been done on this steer. He is very diversified, rides and drives and jumps through a Ring Of Fire. He pulls a buggy even at a fast trot. He will lope fast enough to wave a flag or banner in a rodeo Grand Entry. You can shoot firearms off him for mounted shooting. You can pop a bull whip off him. Plus, you can rope off of him. Show Gun is very gentle. He has performed at countless events, including very large parades and rodeos. He has had pictures taken of him with people from all over the world and stands at attention for a crowd. If a buyer is interested in driving him, Show Gun will come with his own driving harness. 

AT 2014 Colorado State Fair 
 ShowGun Wins Grand Champion both days & ShotGun Wins Reserve Grand champion both days!
Thank You Wool Busters!
Sweet Home, Oregon